Frequently Asked Questions

• What's your style?

Our style is cine-doc (cinematic documentary). We capture all of the important moments of the day but we do it in a way that is engaging, dynamic and visually pleasing. We will never ever pose you or keep you away from your friends and families. Think discreet, no drama and no fuss – that's us!

• Where do you film?

Most of our weddings are in London and the home counties but we film across the UK and in Europe too. Travel to a wedding within England is included in our fee, but get in touch if your wedding is further afield and we can easily work something out!

• What is the booking process?

We send you an online contract for your electronic signature. There is no paper involved.

• How long does it take to confirm?

It's not uncommon to book after just a few emails – we know you're busy and that a wedding takes a lot of time and effort to organise! The process isn't any longer than it needs to be. That said, we're happy to chat in the run-up to your wedding if you have any questions or concerns at all.

• Will you get on with our photographer?

Yes, we love working with photographers – we'll work in a team and hopefully both get better photographs and video as a result. If you don't have a photographer yet, let us know – we are able to make recommendations.

• Have you filmed at our venue before?

Maybe! It doesn't matter if we haven't though – we love filming at new venues and do it all the time. It helps us to keep our approach fresh.

• How long is the delivery time?

It generally takes us about six weeks (that's pretty good!), but It depends on the time of year. Sometimes it could be as little as two weeks, but it will never be more than an absolute maximum of 12 weeks.

• Do you provide all the raw footage?

Yes, we are happy to – there is an extra charge for this, see our Pricing page.

“We are so happy with the final videos. Would recommend them to anyone, you won't be disappointed!”