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Storyboard is a team of friendly, discreet and talented wedding videographers capturing your perfect wedding day as it unfolds. We make clean, simple wedding videos and we love to film true, beautiful emotional moments. We won't ever pose you awkwardly or take you away from your family and friends. We'll film you and your guests in a natural and relaxed way, ensuring everyone is comfortable and looking their best.



a brie an groom ressed in wedding attire walk han in hand infront of greenery

Storyboard's aim is to be so discreet that half your guests won't even know you're having a wedding film made. Our gear is minimal - we often don't have much more than the photographer. We want everyone focused not on the cameras but on having an incredible day.



Having a videographer at your wedding lets you relax, confident in the knowledge you won't miss a moment. A wedding day is often a whirlwind for the couple, surrounded by family and friends, so the videographer captures all the tiny details, special moments and heartfelt emotion to memory on film. A wedding day might fly by in what feels like an instant, but capturing it on video lets you enjoy the moment together forever.

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‘I was super apprehensive and worried about being filmed for 8 hours but I am SO glad we did it. The memories they captured are nothing short of magical and moments we never got to see throughout the day are all captured beautifully, this video will be treasured forever.’